Acavallo Gel Front Riser


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• These Acavallo gel risers are the most advanced design on the market
• The highly shock absorbent therapeutic gel from Italy are anatomically designed to fit the horse’s back & saddle and relieve pressure
• The Front Riser is particularly suited to horses with high withers or that have lost muscle and bulk at the top of the shoulder and below the wither
• The pad has minimal depth over the centre so doesn’t increase pressure under the pommel
• However, its unique honeycomb structure ensures the main weight bearing areas are compensated
• Traditional wedge style risers that taper to the back of the saddle often pivot on the wither and spine increasing pressure under the front of the saddle as well as causing an unwanted rise in the whole saddle
• The Rear Riser has the same honeycomb structure to absorb and softly distribute the riders weight
• It can be adjusted back and forward for effect
• They can also be used together as an additional layer of absorption under the saddle
• The tacky nature of these pads ensure minimal movement either laterally or back to front so they are in effect Non-Slip pads as well
• They can be used in conjunction with the Acavallo Shaped Gel Pads or can be placed on top of any numnah, half pad or saddlecloth
• Easily washed in a bucket and almost indestructible!
• One Size (can be cut if required)