Acavallo Spine Free Honeycomb Memory Half Pad Dressage


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Acavallo Spine Free Honeycomb Memory Half Pad

  • The Honeycomb Spine Free Pads Collection represents the passion of Acavallo for the continuous research and development of new materials and products. Acavallo spine free pads are designed to give maximum benefits to the rider and the horse.
  • Their ergonomic fit allows a greater freedom to the horse helping to prevent problems to the sensitive spine area and distributing the weight evenly, improving the comfort of the horse and the rider at the same time.
  • Honeycomb is a high-tech material with a particular structure which guarantees a breathable environment with good ventilation, air flow and regulated air distribution, it is stretchy and pressure-absorbent with excellent haptic characteristics.
  • The presence of the memory foam lining strengthens the shock absorption, a balanced weight distribution and eliminates rubbing and frictions perfectly adapting to the horse’s body.

Info & Care

LeMieux Washing Instructions

  • Machine washable on a normal 30 degree cycle.
  • Pull into correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.
  • Can be ironed on low heat.
  • Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.
  • Air dry, do not tumble dry.


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