Amerigo Vega Special Double Flap Dressage Saddle


  • Medium
  • 18"

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• What makes a performance really great, is the attention to the details
• These are the design details both inside and out, that make that special difference
• The saddle tree brings a saddle to life and is the difference between it being just a saddle and a Amerigo
• Each Amerigo saddle tree is individually prepared according to the measurements of horse and rider, as are the wool flocked independent panels
• Independent panels differ from many panel systems as they are made in two separate pieces that do not have any gussets or pre formed pressure points that can affect the horse
• They are filled with a synthetic wool mixture, which is hard wearing, hygienic and low maintenance
• The wool reacts to heat and when used adapts itself easily to the shape of the horse and provides a glove like fit
• Even the girth straps can be placed individually to suit all types of horse confirmation
• The latest addition of elegant reinforcement strips to all our Pinerolo and Special, calfskin covered saddles ensures that the edges of the flaps are protected from unnecessary wear an extra layer of soft padding under the riders leg gives provides even more comfort
• Colour: Black
• Stock number: 3237

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