Bit Accessories – Australian Facepiece or Rubber Cheeker


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• Many racehorses can be seen sporting the Australian Facepiece or Rubber Cheeker, which
buckles to the crownpiece of the bridle, runs down the centre of the face
and then splits into two, encircling the mouthpiece of the bit on each side, just
inside the rings
• The Australian Facepiece or Rubber
cheeker keeps the bit a little higher in the mouth and stops a horse
getting its tongue over and also the rubber rings acts as
pads, preventing the bit being pulled out of position if a horse hangs
to one side
• The Australian Facepiece or Rubber Cheeker is
designed for use with snaffle bits and can also deter a horse from
“catching hold” of the mouthpiece, which should not press on or wrinkle
the horse’s lips when adjusted correctly
• Although it is widely used on
the racecourse, the noseband can also be seen on event horses during the
cross-country phase