CDM Belvoir Tack Cleaning Wipes


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Carr & Day & Martin


• Convenient, single-use impregnated wipe removes surface dirt and mud with ease

• Convenient and handy, individually sealed tack cleaning wipes
• Great for when you’re on the go or when time is tight
• The pH neutral formula will not rot stitching or over dry the leather and the antifungal formula helps prevent the growth of mould a mildew
• Also ideal to hygienically remove existing mould from affected saddlery
• For ingrained grease and dirt use ‘heavy duty’ Belvoir Tack Cleaner in a spray bottle

• Remove wipe from individual sachet and fully unfold
• Wipe over dirty tack using both sides of the wipe
• If mould is present, make sure the wipe is disposed of away from leather items
• Can also be used on synthetic leather
• Test on a hidden area before use

• Size: 15 Wipes