Comfort Gut



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Comfort Gut


• Comfort Gut is not a drug and has no direct action on any organ in the body, also it doesnt enter the blood stream
• Fed Daily, Comfort Gut can be helpful –
• in reducing gastric (stomach) acid
• in reducing a ‘gargling’ gut
• in reducing the chances of laminitis due to toxin build up
• in reducing gas production/build up (bloating) due to rich foods, haylage or lush grass
• as a cakner, by settling the stomach
• in absorbing toxins and impurities from the blood
• in cases of diarrhoea/scouring caused by rich foods, haylage and/or stress
• Comfort Gut can be fed continuously with no detrimental effect to the horse
• Comfort Gut does not leave the gastro intestinal tract and actively absorbs acid, toxins and other impurities before being expelled from the body in the horses dung
• Ingredients: Steam Activated Carbon (Comfort Gut is a 100% natural product)
• Comfort Gut – Size: 1kg – 1 month supply (2 months on maintenance dosage)