Easi Dri Grooming Towel


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• The Easi Dri Grooming Towel is a very absorbent equine grooming towel that dries wet horses and ponies very easily and really quickly – so quickly, that tests show reductions over normal grooming times by up to 60%
• The Towel can be used time and again, it can be disinfected for extra protection, its machine washable and when you've finished with it you dont even need to dry it – now how handy is that?
• This is perfect for a wet horse or pony after a shampoo, washing or hosing down
• Easi Dri is super absorbent, starts to act immediately and actually retains water like a natural sea sponge
• It comes in three sizes: the large towel, perfect for horses, ponies and big dogs, is 85cms x 66cms and the medium one is 68cms x 43cms – its perfect for drying the face and legs of horses or medium sized dogs.  The small towel measures 43cms x 23cms
• Perfect for all year round use, Easi Dri has its own container designed for re-use, which comes with a built in handing cord
• Colour: Blue

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