Ecohoof Stable & Yard Eco Wash

Ecohoof Stable & Yard Eco Wash


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• Ecohoof Equines stable and yard eco wash is a powerful germicide designed to be a general cleaner for use in yards, stables and horse boxes
• Fully biodegradable environmentally safe to dispose
• Kills 99.999% of all bacteria
• Non acidic safe to use on all surface areas: metal, wood, plastic, concrete etc
• Contains detergents to assist absorption of active ingredients
• Suitable to use for Bio-security
• Contains Tea Tree Oil
• Chlorine and phosphate free
• Eco-Wash effectively eliminates odours instead of just masking them
• Can be used with power washer, hand help pump sprayer, yard brushes and mop bucket
• Ecohoof equines Eco-Wash comes in concentrated powder 700gram = 200 litres
• Dilutes to make ready to use cleaning product – which remains effective for a minimum of 28 days after dilution
• Size: 700g