Equi’7 Insect Repellent Collar

Equi’7 Insect Repellent Collar


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• The Equi’7 Insect Repellent Collar contains a blendof natural active ingredients; it is effective against external parasites of the horse : flies, mosquitoes, ticks
• The collar is effective for 3 to 4 weeks
• The active ingredients migrate and spread on the surface on the whole body, through evaporation, it creates an environment protecting the animal and the rider
• Instruction for Use: Position one collar strip per horse around the horse’s neck, closest to the head.  Adjust the collar length and attach the collars with the two parts provided; do not over tighten.  Cut the remaining collar piece you do not use
• Note: This cut off section can be hung close by in the horse’s stable area
• Equi’7 Insect Repellent Collar is waterproof and is still effective when the horse sweats
• One Size