Fenceman Battery Energizer


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• The DP350B is a portable battery energiser is designed to run off either 4 x D cells batteries (included) or alternatively a 12 Volt leisure battery.
• They are suitable for paddocks, strip grazing and other small fence systems and are ideal for use with most domestic and farm animals.
• They feature an adjustable pulse rate form 20 to 60 pulses per second – This means that you can initially have the energiser running faster to get the animals used to the energiser and then slow it down later to extend battery life.
• The DP350 has a fence output of 2000 volts and will run upto 1000 meters of fencing on D cell batteries or if run off a 12 volt battery the output increases to 3200 volts and a maximum fence length of 3000 meters.
• The energiser is supplied with 4 x D cell batteries to get you going, it also comes with the leads to connect to the fence, it is pre mounted on an earth stake (which acts as the stand too) and is supplied with a set of leads if you wish to run it off you own 12 volt battery.