Flex-On Green Composite Inclined Ultra Grip Stirrups



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• Fantastic stirrups from Flex-On
• Ultra-lightweight- Strong but lightweight frame (450g) uses hi-tech design and polyamide composites with steel core
• Innovative balance- Special offset and skewed stirrup-leather slot in frame, plus carefully designed variable inclination footbed, help create ideal position for riders leg and foot
• Shock absorbing- Flexibility built into frame plus elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed help the stirrup absorb and vibration
• Ultra-grip- Small studs in stirrup tread grip riders boot to ensure excellent stability of ride and connection with the horse
•Can be customised to individual taste

  • 1st Colour refers to Colour of the Frame
  • 2nd Colour refers to Colour of the Footbed
  • 3rd Colour refers to  Colour of the Shock Absorbers