Formula 4 Feet


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Equi Life


• Formula 4 Feet provides unique benefits for both horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, weak heels and those at risk of laminitis
• Formula 4 Feet is a non GM hoof supplement
• It is manufactured in the UK in a drug free UFAS approved facility complying to ISO 9001 standards
• Formula 4 Feet has gained approval by the Vegetarian Society due to there being no ingredients of animal or molluscan origin
• Each batch of Formula 4 Feet is tested free of substances listed in the Common Feed Containinants Screen, debfore it is offered for sale
• Products including these substances would result in a positive dope test under FEI and Jockey Club rules
• Formula 4 Feet provides over 65 micronutrients, in a highly palatable pellet, due to its comprehensive formulation Formula 4 Feet is an excellent general supplement to help keep your horse in tip top health
• Size: 7kg Bag