Happy Mouth – Roller Centre – 3 Ring Gag

Happy Mouth – Roller Centre – 3 Ring Gag


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Happy Mouth


  • Pure copper is a soft, warm metal
  • Non-toxic, soft, flexible Long Lasting
  • Apple scented engineering plastic mouth
  • By using 99.9% pure copper in the center of the mouthpiece, bit acceptance is improved
  • Stainless steel rings
  • The taste of copper encourages horses to salivate and keep a moist mouth
  • Bits made of copper can have a very positive effect by promoting relaxation and softening
  • Excellent bit acceptance can be achieved by this combination of Apple scented space age polymer mouthpiece and pure copper center roller
  • All Happy Mouth Bits have a stainless steel center core for maximum strength, but it is most important that they are of the correct size and are fitted correctly in the horses mouth, so they don’t become chewed