Horslyx - Mini


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  • Horslyx provides a palatable, cost effective and convenient way of providing horses and ponies with all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements they require
  • Horslyx contains a high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package
  • Biotin, zinc and methionine are included to stimulate good quality hoof growth
  • Horslyx has a high oil content which produces ‘bloom’ and vitality
  • Horslyx is easily digested making it ideal to feed to older or poor horses
  • Horslyx can be used to alleviate stress and boredom in stabled horses
  • Horslyx is a completely natural product, no chemicals, binders or fillers are used in the manufacturing process
  • Horslyx is totally weatherproof and can be fed in the stable or field
  • Available in five tasty flavours: Mint, Garlic, Original, Respiratory and Pro Digest
  • Feeding Guidelines: You can feed Mini Horslyx in hand to your favourite horse or pony, or you can bang it out of its packaging and place in a bucket or manger
  • Size: 650g


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