LeMieux ProLambSkin Working Hunter Numnah


  • Small - fits 12hh-14hh
  • Medium - fits 14hh-15hh
  • Large - fits 15hh-17hh
  • Extra Large - fits 17hh-18hh

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Le Mieux


• The highest quality grade one Austrailian Merino lambskin that is unbelievably soft and long lasting
• Used by many top show riders this show numnah has a perfect discrete edge with a elasticated panel strap
• The wool is a perfect depth cushioning the back without too much bulk and there is a cut away girth area allowing a nice snug fit
• If the pad is to long vertically from your saddle it can easily be trimmed to fit the saddle panel (inner or outside panel) the advantage of real skin the wool will not unwind
• Colour: Brown