Lungie Bungie


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• The Lungie Bungie was developed by the event riders and trainer, Lucinda & Clayton Fredericks
• The Lungie Bungie is a training aid and should be used as an encouragement for the horse or pony to accept the bit and assume the required shape
• Because the Equaliser is fitted to each side of the bit with a central ring, the Lungie Bungie will ensure the horse or pony is accepting the bit equally on both reins
• Colour: Black

Preparing for work on the lunge:
• Attach Equaliser to each side of the bit then thread one side of the Lungie Bungie through the D-ring on the roller and clip to the first (the most loose) D-ring on the Lungie Bungie. Next thread the Lungie Bungie through the centre ring of the Equaliser and repeat the process

Using the Lungie Bungie on a ridden (saddled) horse or pony:
• Separate fittings are supplied – clip these on the D-rings on the front of the saddle and then proceed as for fitting the Lungie Bungie to a lunging roller
• On the first occasion it would be advisable to have assistance when fitting the Lungie Bungie to a young or nervous horse or pony

• Start using the Lungie Bungie on the loosest fitting and lunge or ride for 5 minutes (or however long it takes the horse or pony to settle) before adjusting
• Allow the horse/pony to go forward onto the bit before gradually adjusting the tension
• Remember that the horse or pony will be using new muscles – work for short periods only and always return to the loosest setting to allow him/her to rest

• Never go immediately to the tighest setting to force the horse into an outline
• You must never attempt to jump whilst the Lungie Bungie is fitted

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