Miracle Collar (Made in USA)


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• The Miracle Collar is guaranteed to humanely and effectively stop horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines from the expensive and potentially harmful vice of cribbing
• Its patented, anatomically correct fit applies pressure only when the horse attempts to crib
• As a result, the Miracle Collar can be worn without discomfort while drinking, eating, grazing or being ridden
• The leather connector strap helps keep browband in place and ensures that the collar will not slide around or off and become ineffective
• Carefully handcrafted from high quality, weather resistant harness leather from strength and gentleness to the hair coat

How to use Miracle Collar:
• Position the shorter neck strap over the neck and buckle when it is just snug enough to keep collar in place
• Run the longer browband strap across the forehead just in front of the ears and buckle moderately tight.  As when putting anything new on a horse, watch how the horse reacts to the Miracle Collar’s adjustment.  Make further adjustments one hole at a time until it applies enough pressure to stop the horse from cribbing

• Check the neck strap and make sure you can slip two fingers between the neck strap and your horse’s neck

Available in 3 sizes:
• Small: fits weanlings, yearlings and small ponies
• Medium: fits large ponies and average size horses
• Large: fits warmbloods, drafts and large horses