Mother Bee Soothe & Protect


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Mother Bee


• Mother Bee is a range of handmade, Natural Beeswax products from County Tyrone. It all started with a cream that was generations old from a family recipe, made from natural ingredients
• Soothe & Protect is Ideal for all animals
• It will soothe all itches or sores and damaged skin
• The unique effect of the bees wax protects the skin but leaves it breathable
• 100% natural ingredients!
• It is FEI legal – 48 hour withdrawel before racing
• Bees Wax is a natural Antibacterial it draws moisture to the skin and seals it offering protection against moisture and dirt, but it is still breathable and will not irritate the skin, mixed with a blend of oils high in Vitamin A, B & E – it’s ideal for soothing irritation & skin inflammation
• It includes all the properties of both Lavender, Tea Tree & Camphor which are well known for their healing properties!