Neue Schule Beval Bit

Neue Schule Beval Bit


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Neue Schule


  • The Neue Schule Beval Bit is a useful loop ring style bit that gives an action similar to a continental bit but without the bulk
  • Works well when you need a little extra without going up to a curbed bit
  • This Neue schule bit is made with a mouthpiece constructed out of Salox, a warmer, sweeter, softer metal containing a very high copper content and Neue Schule additive to maximise oxidation (tarnish and nickel free)
  • Salox helps to promote salivation, mouthing, acceptance and promote better communication
  • Ideal for horses that need more than a snaffle, but without the bulk associated with a continental style bit
  • Helps to promote mouthing, acceptance and contact
  • Mouthpiece Width: 14mm