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English Leather


• This Raised Leather Flash Noseband is made from English quality leather
• The Flash Noseband was originally developed for show jumping riders,so they could close the mouth lower down
• This noseband is similat to the plain cavesson in that the top part encircles the nose 1-2 inches below the cheekbone, but it also includes a second strap that runs from the cavesson, around the nose in front of the bit and under the chin groove, then coming back around to the cavesson
• This second piece is used to help keep the horse’s mouth closed and to keep the horse from crossing his jaw
• 3/4″ & 7/8″ Nosebands are manufactured with 3/8″ head and cheek and 1/2″ flash strap
• 1″ Nosebands are manufactured with 1/2″ head and cheek and 1/2″ flash strap
• 1 1/4″ Nosebands are manufactured with 5/8″ head and cheek and 5/8″ flash strap