Ocean Feed Equine Seaweed


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• OceanFeed Equine is a totally natural and organic feed ingredient comprising of a formulated blend of specific seaweeds
• The complex blend used in OceanFeed Equine is a sustainably harvested from the oceans of the world
• OceanFeed is FEI Legal and suitable for horses in any sport
• Improved conditioning
• Improved coat sheen
• Increased stamina
• Quicker recovery
• Improved fertility
• Low level of iodine
• Assists in maintaining optimum gut health and function
• Allows for maximum utilisation of feed intake
• Helps promote and maintain a healthy digestive system
• Provides a food source for naturally occurring gut flora
• Stimulates and boots appetite
• Assists in the prevention of ulcers
• Anti inflammatory benefits
• Aids in competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria
• Supports the immune system
• Helps prevent the retention of the placenta in brood mares
• Helps calm nervous horses
• Strengthens hooves through natural vitamin B12
• Size: 3Kg (lasts 67 days)