Hanging Cheek - Rubber Snaffle Mouthpiece


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• Stainless steel bits can have quite a bitter taste to them which some horses dont particularly like
• Rubber mouthpieces are a warmer feel to the horses mouth, those horses that do not accept stainless steel very well sometimes accept rubber very well
• The rubber mouthpiece is particularly useful for horses with sensitive bars and/or tongues
• The rubber mouthpiece is a milder alternative than stainless steel as the mouthpiece is thicker, therefore the pressure is distributed over a larger area
• The Filet Baucher is also known as the Hanging Cheek, it uses pressure on the poll as the check piece has a extra ring where the bridle cheek pieces are attached to, this poll pressure encourages the horse to lower the head and come on to the bit especially useful for horses that have a high head carriage
• The hanging cheek may prove a suitable alternative to a snaffle for children’s riding ponies that need extra bit of help to stop or horses that are slightly too strong in snaffle
• The single joint puts pressure on the sides of the tongue, on the lips and on the bars due the nutcracker action