Stubbs Hay Roller (Delivery within Ireland Only)


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• Boredom Breaker/Slow Feeder
• Real feeder with the capacity of a haynet, it is not just a toy!
• Stops hay blowing around field or getting muddy
• Conical shape rolls in a circle, not blowing under a hedge or fence!
• Some horses may eat from the fill end but hay is restricted and still kept clean
• Very easy filling through funnel shaped opening
• Doubles as a pole block, it’s aleady in the field!
• One piece, there is no lid to break… or lose… or go wrong!
• Exceptionally durable and Ultra tough STUBBYTHENE moulding, tested to -30 degrees
• Multiple Colours
• Length: 62cms, Weight: 4.5kgs, Feeder Holes: 7.5cms, Filling Hole: 25cms, Height under Pole: 60cms, Large End Diameter: 59cms, Small End Disameter: 29cms