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• StudShu is a protective cover which fits over your normal studs, allowing the hoof to stand level and balanced on hard surfaces eg. horsebox, substantially reducing abnormal stress on the pedal bone, coffin joint and navicular area
• Fit studs before travelling to a show
• Easy to fit and remove – simply push on & peeloff
• Refit StudShu before reloading to horsebox
• Avoids horse standing on ‘high heels’ before competitions
• Shoes must have two studs, one at each heel area
• Pack contains two StudShu covers
• StudShu comes in one size which fits Pony and Horse shoe sizes up to 6 inches depending on stud placement.  Will fit a 6 inch shoe if stud holes are approx 4 cms from end of shoe as in some factory drilled shoes
• Fitting: Will fit medium and Large studs from 15mm to 25mm in length (excluding the threated section) in all shapes including square sided, hexagonal, conical, dome and bullet.  However, not recommended for small radium studs under 15mm in length, excluding threaded section.  Each shoe must contain two studs, one at each heel region.  StudShu fits Front or Hind Shoes

1 – Pull collar out slightly and push base over first stud

2 – Pull collar firmly around hoof wall

3 – Push base over second stud ensuring a tight fit

4 – If StudShu extends beyond the end of the shoe, cut off any excess with a hacksaw or knife

When fitting to a small show, keep solid toe of StudShu in line with the toe of the show and cut off any excess at each end if necessary

Care of Product: Wipe clean and remove any debris before re-fitting, After use, wash in cold water
• Note: Do not leave in direct sunlight
• Caution: StudShu covers are not intended for use when riding
• Sold as a pair