Supreme Defuse


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  • DeFUSE is a vitamin based supplement which helps calm nervous animals
  • No build up is normally needed and once the level for your particular horse or pony is established – and this is the principle factor and variable – you can feed DeFUSE when you feel that it is required
  • Before using DeFUSE for the first time, we recommend that you establish the variables of its usage in order to achieve maximum benefit
  • The product contains no prohibited substances – it is a Vitamin, Amino Acid and Magnesium based supplement – all components needed by the metabolism to counteract stress and hyper-tension by working on adrenaline level
  • DeFUSE can be given in the feed, but to ascertain the amount consumed, we recommend the use of a graduated syringe or an Easy Wormer and feed straight in to the mouth
  • It is necessary to keep DeFUSE at room temperature and to avoid extremes of hot or cold as this may adversely affect the product
  • Sizes: 80ml syringe or 500ml