Symmetry Straps


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• A Simple and Effective Lower Leg Training Aid
• Symmetry Straps are a simple idea designed to help riders develop a feel for the correct leg position in the saddle and to train the body to be able to adopt and maintain this position easily, in a safe, simple to use and discreet way
• This unique training aid works by securing the stirrup iron to the girth in a safe and subtle way that allows the rider to develop feel and security of the lower leg – the foundation for skilful riding.
• Increases body awareness
• The rider becomes immediately aware of how much their lower leg has been out of position or moving involuntarily
• Promotes muscle memory and strength
• By training the body to adopt a quieter position, the rider builds the muscular strength to hold the correct position
• Symmetry Straps incorporate an in-built safety release system making them ideal for use in all equestrian disciplines from flatwork schooling to show jumping, so you can ride confidently with a secure leg and seat