Tech Stirrups - Adult - Venice Evo (Straight)


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  • “Venice” riding stirrups are provided with a revolutionary safety mechanism which, in case of need, allows a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot; thereafter, thanks to a specific spring, the section gets back in its original position.
  • One end of the moving part is fixed to the tread, while the other end is secured to the ring thanks to the spring pressure and a special locking system – made of small magnets – whose opening is possible only when a certain pressure is applied.
  • Like all of our patented stirrups, they are 100% made in Italy
  • Tech Stirrups Venice are made from aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws.
  • They are anodised (20μm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.
  • Features:Weight: 540g, Tread dimensions: 125x65mm (4-3/4 in)