Tractor Ted - DVD - Big Machines


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Tractor Ted


• Preschool children are fasinated to see the real life big farm machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite farm cartoon Tractor Ted
• Tractor Ted pays a visit to an enormous arable farm in East Angila where he sees many of the biggest farm machines at work during harvest which sees fastrac tractors and trailers running day and night to keep up with two enormous Claas combine harvesters as their grain tanks continually fill up
• There isnt enough room in the grain store for the wheat to be kept safely under cover so a new one is being built using all sorts of Top Gear type favourites such as excavators, diggers, cement mixers, loaders and a huge articulated hauler
• In the meantime the grain tipped out onto the yard
• Lorries come and go taking the grain from the store and off to the millers
• You can see why this film is a best seller!!