Tredstep Original Half Chaps- Brown


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Not only was it Tredstep’s first but it was the first half chap to be elasticated and presented in a range of sizes greater than small, medium and large. It represents the foundation of modern chaps today and remains a great favourite for riders worldwide. The combination of elastication with a correctly fitting design and a full range of sizes has provided a great riding solution for so many riders throughout the years. Designed for working rider who need the best in function and fit, making it a great every day half chap.

• Combination of elasticated suede and contoured fitting offers a fit and level of comfort never experienced in half chaps
• Measuring Instructions:
• Height Measurement- Place bare foot on the ground – Bend upper leg to 90 degrees angle – Measure from floor to underside of upper leg
• Calf Measurement- While wearing breeches measure around the widest part of your calf Note: Tredstep Chaps must be tightly fitted