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• The Waterboy has a quiet, but powerful 100psi industrial diaphragm pump to dispense all the water you need for drinking, washing and tack cleaning
• Waterboy fills a bucket of water in about a minute and the water pressure delivered through the handy multi spray head is better and more reliable than most stable hosepipes
• Maybe thats why so many people are installing them in the yard! Lorry owners, if you dont have a horse wash on your lorry, Waterboy is perfect for you.
• Effective, efficient and because its re-chargeable so it’s kinder to the enviroment too! Size: 80 Litres
• Dimensions: Height 1000mm, Width 630mm, Depth 225mm
• Spray Head: High quality, brass barrel, ergonomic variable spray head, 28-100psi exit pressure
• Hose: 6 metre (20 feet) high pressure water hose
• Charging Time: Approx 5 hours