Clipper – Wolseley – Harrier


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  • The Harrier is one of the most powerful general purpose clippers available in the UK and this combined with its exceptional reputation for reliability has made it the long-term favourite heavy duty clipper
  • Hard wearing and robust, this clipper is ideal for general farming purposes
  • With its powerful 325 watt motor the Harrier effortlessly copes with extreme clipping requirements, such as removing dense and dirty coats from highland cattle, whilst still giving a smooth professional finish.
  • This clipper is also popular with professional equine users who clip a number of horses regularly and therefore need a strong clipper which will give a good clip and not overheat
  • It is also recommended for light industrial use (carpet and brush machine).
  • Mains clipper
  • Ease to use new blade tensioning system
  • Alternative spring included for customers preferring to use the traditional tensioning method
  • Internal motor overload switch to protect the clippers from damage (easy to reset)
  • Air cooled motor which assists the cool running of the clippers
  • Ventilated head to help prevent the blades from getting uncomfortably hot for your animal when clipping
  • Air baffle to keep the loose hair away from your face during clipping
  • Easily removable and washable air filters for ease of maintenance
  • Optional choice of A2 blades (medium), A6 blades (coarse) and A7 blades (extra-coarse)
  • Supplied in a strong, red storage case with a set of blades,
    a clipper brush and a 200 ml aerosol of Wolseley clipper oil