Saddle Fitting Guide

Firstly, place the saddle forward of the horses wither.

Then slide the saddle back as far as it will comfortable go. 

This is determined by the confirmation (shape) of the horse, but the resting point of the saddle should correspond with the lowest point of the horse’s back.

The points of the saddle tree should now be located in the natural depression that is found directly behind the horse’s scapula (Shoulder).

It’s important to get the saddle in the correct position for the horses comfort (to allow maximum weight-bearing efficiency), and your riding position.

A common mistake is to place the saddle too far forward over the horses withers.

This will have the effect of placing the points of the saddle-tree over the horses scapula causing pressure points which could then impede the horses movement. It may also cause saddle sores.


STEP 1 Make sure your horse is standing four square with his head up looking straight ahead. From the near side (left), feel form the top edge of his shoulder-blade (scapula) with your fingers.  Lifting the nearside foreleg will help you find the scapula if you are not sure.

STEP 2 When you have located the highest point of scapula, use the chalk to make a point roughly three fingers width behind it (towards the direction of the tail)

STEP 3 Taking this mark as your starting point, mould your flexicurve or a piece of stiff wire up and over the withers.

STEP 4 Squeeze and shape the flexicurve so it hugs the contours of the horses sides

STEP 5 Lift the flexicurve and put it down gently in exactly the same place it should settle snugly if it has been moulded correctly.  Then transfer the shaped flexicurve onto a piece of paper and draw along the inside. Mark the nearside of the pattern on the paper and send to us.

STEP 6 Next, making sure your horse is still standing properly, mould the flexicurve along his spine starting at the highest point of withers.  This measurement should also be taken from the nearside. Then transfer the shaped flexicurve onto a piece of paper

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